Bringing diversity and inclusion to the open metaverse


Metaverse as a Service

The easiest way for businesses and brands to create and own their presence in the open metaverse.
No downloads, full freedom.

UNYTED Ltd. is a Metaverse-as-a-Service (MaaS) provider. With our solution you can easily create your own turnkey 3D worlds. The basis is our own commercial open source software solution. Our virtual worlds are accessible to everyone and on any device: no downloads, no barriers.

UNYTED focuses on professional users and is the first company to offer inclusive concepts that support and promote diversity in order to appeal to all people. The UNYTED founders and partners have been working, training and consulting for years in what is now the Metaverse.


Virtual Home

With the look and feel of a luxury hotel suite, beach or space capsule, this is the perfect space to meet with friends, or business partners in a relaxed atmosphere. For up to 10 guests. 1000 minutes of audio and video per month included. Optional: screen sharing.

Virtual Office

The office that is always open. Unless you close the (virtual) door ;-). With unlimited minutes and up to 20 participants, your office represents you and your company as the visionaries you are! Optionally, you can link several offices and add multiple areas.

The Skyworld

The virtual event location for conferences and workshops, with hundreds of participants. In the browser, without downloads. Innovative, without travel costs, always an experience. Whether art exhibitions with NFT sales or mega parties. Optionally, you can connect several domes and choose your own environments.

The founding Team

We bring change

We want representation, inclusion and equal opportunities for all, but especially for women. And why? We need to overcome gender inequality in the technology sector to lay the foundation for true inclusion on the web3.

Diversity is at the heart of everything we do, because we believe that true innovation only comes from diversity. There is also an alarming lack of diversity in disruptive technology teams around the world: in AI, VR/AR and blockchain development, and thus in the future metaverse. We need to reflect the whole population in all its diversity in all future decisions - ethically and technologically.

In our experience, when we develop Metaverse applications, it is of utmost importance that they support all people with different backgrounds and abilities. Inclusivity creates a better corporate culture and enables a better society. We have built our DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation) to be "Safe for Work" and to adhere to our high moral standards.

No barriers to entry. Ease of use, diversity and integration are embedded in the DNA of our products. No downloads, no crypto, no fancy hardware required. There are also no limits to creativity. 

What makes us tick

The last generation of software was developed on the basis of user-generated content. The next generation of software will be user-owned. 

We support distributed autonomous organisations (DAO). 

No silos, no black box, no closed systems. We are creating an open source metaverse suite that supports the new era of co-creation and encourages innovation.

Blockchain-based applications, especially those that require a lot of rendering, consume tons of energy. For each of our projects, we will calculate the exact energy consumption and offset our carbon emissions. With our Unyted.World, we will enable the staking of tokens specifically for carbon offsetting.

DSGVO, blockchain, data protection and identity in the metaverse require specialist knowledge. We find solutions that are compliant and work responsibly.



Unyted Sky Office


UNYTED - The Open Metaverse as a Service

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