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London, 23rd of June 2022 Do you know what your data is worth? Do you know how often your private information is resold? For most, the answer is clearly no, and the usual suspects are taking advantage of this ignorance. US companies in particular, but also Asian companies, get hidden permission by 'forcing' acceptance of their terms and conditions and use [...]

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Our new additions to the Advisory Board last week: Taurimas Valys (LL.M., MBA) Mr. Taurimas Valys is a member of the Vilnius City Council, Lithuania (member of the Committees on Economy and Finance and on Control; also member of the Privatisation Commission) and professional networker/DEALmaker and banker (15000+ followers# ThinkingBIG). international investment banker: representative of one of the largest Bavarian private equity firms in Munich - GENCAP.de co-founder and [...]

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